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Kastle Systems secures 79% of the top 200 law firms across the country. For over 40 years, Kastle's proven turnkey solution is a comprehensive, integrated offering that saves firms time and money. Technology alone doesn't secure employees and assets. It's Kastle's people and processes combined with our advanced technology that ensures complete protection. 
Benefits include: 
• One credential, go anywhere – With the Kastle platform, you can carry a single credential to access multiple offices. And that credential need only be programmed once to work in all locations. It’s quick and easy.
• Increased efficiencies and cost savings – Through a streamlined security operation and better use of your staff.
• Better insight into your organization – Having multiple locations monitored through a single platform allows you to review patterns and trends within your firm.
• Consistent security standards across offices – With one security provider responsible for the operation and management of the systems.
• 1 contract, 1 provider, 1 complete solution – No need to negotiate and coordinate multiple contracts with multiple vendors.

For More Information Contact:

Courtney Liptrot

Business Development Manager

Direct - 312.849.8803

Cell - 312.415.8976