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Bradford Allen is a full-service commercial real estate firm with expertise in Brokerage, Property Management, Capital Lending, and Investment Advisory. We have assisted numerous law firms, supporting them through the leasing process by formulating a needs analysis, providing comprehensive market research, engaging in strategic site selection, and utilizing our experience tackling issues specific to the legal industry.

Whether you are searching for office space for the first time, seeking a renewal/restructuring of your current lease or relocating, we can help maximize your savings and improve the overall value of your lease. No matter what stage you are at, engaging the services of a real estate professional will save you time, money and stress.

We negotiate with Landlord’s on your behalf to ensure a deal that is not only within your budget but is truly representative of the market. Our goal is to lower your overall real estate costs, minimize risks through greater control/flexibility and provide you with the most productive work environment possible.

For More Information Contact:

Craig Nadborne

Senior Managing Director

200 S. Michigan Avenue

18th Floor

Chicago, IL 60604